Collar Perfect Travel Iron

Handy item, no need for an ironing board or heat proof surface of any kind. Perfect for travel. Get it here:

4th of July Gift Idea – The 4th of July T-shirt

Red Wine and Blue – The 4th of July T-shirt Fourth of July is just around the corner, and you don’t want to show up at your family’s bbq without your very own 4th of July t-shirt. So booze it up and be patriotic at the same time, just don’t overdo it...


24 Macho Gift Ideas for Him

Gifts for the most manliest of men. Gifts that will make him feel like a real man. You will find really interesting gifts and everything from the outdoorsmen to the bearded man in your life. Check out our unusual gifts.


Man Card

Show some humor and protect your man cred with the ultimate Man Card. Show this off to all your buddies and prove you do belong. Makes a great gag gift for the man who refuses to be girly.

Extra Large Manly Man Macho Tissues Novelty Gift

No wimpy and pansy regular tissues for him. Give him his very own manly size tissues. Tissues for the real man in your life.

Beard Oil & Beard Balm Mens Gift Set

No chemical or preservatives, just 100% natural and organic for the real man in him. Perfect to get that beard under control and leaves it with a shine.

Ring for Sex Bell

Ring your partner in a playful way with your very own Sex Bell. Get this for your man and let him know what time it is.

Moonshine, A Gentleman's Cologne

For the ultimate man who is very comfortable in his own skin. Bring back the outdoorsy wood aroma that we will enjoy.

Metal Beard Wallet Comb

For the macho man on the go. Credit card size fits anywhere. Sturdy and built tough for the tough manly man.

The Clint Eastwood DVD Collection

No manly man can be without the Clint Eastwood movie collection. Really awesome to see a young Clint Eastwood in all his toughness and no bull cowboy glory.

The Man Can

Bath and body essentials disguised as a painter can, who can he not love it?!  Make this a hit and give him his own manly fragrance set.

Macho Soap

Handmade manly soap for men. He will smell great with these chemical-free soaps. Gift set comes with 3 different soaps, Mohave, Lumberjack and Macho Man soaps.

Punch Bag Laundry Bag

Laundry Bag that looks like a Punch Bag. Man up your room with this laundry bag, sturdy and rugged and does it job.

One Man Wolf Pack T-shirt

Remember the Hangover movie? Every macho male’s favorite movie. Funny novelty shirt and perfect gift for the Hangover movie fan.

Kleenex for Men - Man Size

 Finally a real man’s kleenex! Large and strong manly tissue that he will appreciate.

Dr. Squatch Men's Bar Soap

Naturally made bar soap for the real man. With zesty smells and aromas to make you smell like a real man! 

Shower Beer Holder

Every beer drinkers dream, for the manliest of men. Your very own beer holder in the shower, how cool is that?

Catalina Wine Mixer T-shirt

Who wouldn’t want to go to the Catalina Wine Mixer?  Get your very own novelty t-shirt from the movie Step Brother and support “Prestige Worldwide”!

Epic Beard Growth Chart T-shirt

Your very own manly beard growth chart. Why not show the world? Show the length it took to get your lumberjack beard to grown that long.

Bring Me a Beer Socks

Hey guys need pampering too!  Show your wife or girlfriend to get with the program and get you a beer pronto!

Al Bundy - No Ma' am T-Shirt

Al Bundy the ultimate macho man. Wear this funny No Ma’am t-shirt proudly and become a part of Al’s brigade. 

Alcohol Beef Jerky

Alcohol in their beef jerky for the manliest of man. Can’t get enough of your liquor? Great gift for your uncle, dad, and boyfriend who can’t get enough of both beef jerky and liquor, so why not both in one? 

300/ Rise of the Empire Double Pack

The warrior in you will love this movie. Be like the heroes of Sparta and get ready to get pumped up for the movie action! 

Mountaineer Brand Beard Care Kit

For the mountain outdoorsman in you. Check out this new Mountaineer Brand Beard care kit.

Homebrewing Craft Beer Making Kit

Knowing that you can make your own beer is an awesome feeling! Start off with this simple beer making kit and you are off and the way you go! Perfect for the beer making beginner. Simple to use.

Camp Fire Cologne

Cologne that makes you smell like a man. Get that campfire smell that will make people think you just came back from camping.

Sex Panther Cologne with Growl

Prowl your territory with this great manly smell of musk. As a bonus, every time you open the box you get that Panther growl…lol

Wall Mounted Squirrel Head

Get your hunting buddies to either admire you or have a chuckle at your expense with this gimmicky wall mounted squirrel head.

The Mountain Man Cookbook

The cookbook for real mountain man. Guide to cooking raccoons, muskrats, and all kinds of critters.